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  • Alexandra Peng Charton

    Alexandra Peng Charton has spent more than 16 years designing and producing eyewear for global brands. In 2009, she started TC Charton, the first North American brand that focuses solely on making distinctive, beautiful eyewear for Asians. Alexandra took not only her vast knowledge of the eyewear industry but also her first-hand experience as an Asian woman trying to find eyewear that fits. Alexandra gets her inspiration by studying Asian facial features everywhere she goes.

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  • Angela Gao

    Born in China and raised in New York, Angela Gao brings her cultural roots to modern city dressing. Her fashion faculty was hones at Parsons where her well-received thesis collection led to a nomination as Designer of the Year and an invitation from Donna Karan to design her Urban Zen Collective. Gao also worked with fellow rising Asian-American star Doo Ri and at DKNY before establishing ANGG New York.Gao's philosophy draws from her background in Chinese Martial Arts and film (her credits include Academy Award winner, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the critically acclaimed Danish independent film, 'Fighter'). Her designs are marked by fluid lines and breezy silhouettes that capture the beauty of fabric in motion and expression of movement. This holistic approach draws from the Eastern philosophy of "enhancing one's strong points and concealing one's weaknesses" building a stylish and wearable contemporary line that caters to women of all shapes. Says Gao, "I believe our clothing offers women the freedom of self-expression, confidence, and style that is a necessity for balancing today's high-intensity lifestyles."

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  • Bounkhong Signavong

    The principal designer and founder of Lao Design, Hai Ngeun Mai Kham, is Bounkhong Signavong. Signavong was born in 1966 and grew up in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Since the early 2000s, Signavong has resided and works out of New York City and New Jersey. He was raised in true Buddhist traditions and even gained some experience as a monk.

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  • Chong Cha

    Born in Laos of Hmong descent and raised in the United States, Ms. Cha was inspired early in life by her father, a CIA/Doctor who impressed upon her the elements of structure and form, sophistication and chicness. Ms. Cha's mother’s instilled courage and passion for life, which is now reflected in her own ambition and confidence. And through her grandmother, Ms. Cha was shown the exquisite beauty of hand-made embroidered design in the form of the meticulous art of the traditional Hmong “paj ntauj," which means “flower cloth” in Hmong.

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  • Eechin Wong

    Eechin is a Creative Architect who enjoys designing and making Arts and Crafts projects. She founded in the hope of sharing her handcrafted creations with everyone around the world!

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  • Gilbert Chen

    Creative Director Gilbert Chen was born in Taiwan and immigrated to the US at age 14. After graduating from high school, he studied Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin. With a growing interest in fashion and having trouble finding clothes he liked in a shopping mall, he took a few fashion design classes and eventually decided to pursue a career as a fashion designer. Upon receiving his BFA from the prestigious Parsons School of Design, Chen worked as a menswear designer for brands such as Arrow Sportswear, Cole Haan Outerwear, Joseph Abboud Outerwear, and Arnold Palmer Taiwan. Meanwhile, with the desire to understand the full picture of the business, Chen studied for an MBA in International Luxury Brand Management at ESSEC Business School in France. Finally in 2010, Chen launched his own menswear collection BARQUE, named after BARK with a slight twist in spelling. BARQUE is as personal as it can get in terms of Chen’s own personal taste and sense of style. Now Chen lives between New York and Taipei and enjoys building a brand and running his business.

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  • Jade Chiu

    Finding herself with a new graphic design degree at a “dot com” job in Silicon Valley, Jade soon understood that ignoring her fashion instincts wouldn’t do. She bought a one-way ticket to NYC and immersed herself into studying fashion and accessories at FIT and Parsons. Since then, NY based Taiwan-native, Jade has contributed to Anna Sui, L.A.M.B., DVF, and BabyPhat. She is self taught and combines all of her art and fashion background to create her jewelry line.Succumbing to her long-held dream of creating designs around zodiac 12.Her pieces have been picked by Italian Vogue, i-D UK, and Shinsegae campaign for 2013 inspiration and the world leading trend. Jade gathers and unleashes the powers of the eastern zodiac. These are designs that accentuate our deepest instincts – for the true expression of our personalities and dreams.

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  • Janet Zheng

    Janet Zheng, a New York City based menswear designer is often referred to as the woman who dresses the man. Her eponymous menswear collection is designed for the modern man who seeks clothing with impeccable fit made with the finest fabrications. The designs demonstrate architectural drape and construction hidden within organic form.

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  • Ninh Nguyen

    NINH NGUYEN was born and raised in Paris, France, and currently works from his studio in New York City. He is a two-time scholar of the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund and has won Best Menswear for the Arts of Fashion Competition. He graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology and debuted his first collection during NYFW in February of 2011. He is the men’s fashion blogger for Another Men’s Blog and the designer behind the bow-tie line Mad Handsome.

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  • Saya Fukuda

    Shoe designer based out of NYC. Saya’s shoe collection is very much inspired by New York City. From the names of the sandals, to the ideas behind the creations, New York has been Saya’s muse… A unique blend of classic bohemian is the trademark of the designer. She pays homage to vintage clothing in her handmade sandals. Like her personality, her sandals are bright, fun, one of a kind, and appealing to a wide range of people. Her own personal use of sandals as shoes to change into during commutes is what sparked the idea to make sandals for everyday wear without having to forfeit style.

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