List of products by designer: Angela Gao

Born in China and raised in New York, Angela Gao brings her cultural roots to modern city dressing. Her fashion faculty was hones at Parsons where her well-received thesis collection led to a nomination as Designer of the Year and an invitation from Donna Karan to design her Urban Zen Collective. Gao also worked with fellow rising Asian-American star Doo Ri and at DKNY before establishing ANGG New York.Gao's philosophy draws from her background in Chinese Martial Arts and film (her credits include Academy Award winner, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the critically acclaimed Danish independent film, 'Fighter'). Her designs are marked by fluid lines and breezy silhouettes that capture the beauty of fabric in motion and expression of movement. This holistic approach draws from the Eastern philosophy of "enhancing one's strong points and concealing one's weaknesses" building a stylish and wearable contemporary line that caters to women of all shapes. Says Gao, "I believe our clothing offers women the freedom of self-expression, confidence, and style that is a necessity for balancing today's high-intensity lifestyles."

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